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Eco-friendly detergent division(Aqua nax-SCW)

SCW : Sterilization Clean Water(Water that can be sterilized and cleaned)

Electrolytic alkali water made by electrolysis of pure water 100% - Aqua nax-SCW
Used sterilization cleaning safely at home Aqua nax-SCW
Restaurant table used for sterilization and sanitation of table and kitchen Aqua nax-SCW
In the industrial field, the oil is removed as a substitute for alcohol or T. Aqua nax-SCW

Eco-friendly coolant division(Aqua nax-EMW)

EMW : Environment Mill Water

Using patented additives from Japan Nakajima Industry Aqua nax-EMW
Processing in the industrial fieldAqua nax-EMW
Emulsion used in machining As a substitute for cutting oil Aqua nax-EMW
2 times cutting power, environment-friendly coolant oil with no smell and volume  Aqua nax-EMW

We are trying to develop eco-friendly detergents for each company due to rising environmental consciousness around the world.

(Biodegradable natural detergent, high detergent, highly concentrated detergent, etc.)
General detergents do not use the smell and use the main component of the surfactant and alcohol. Aqua is an alkaline water reduced by electrolysis of splash water. It can be treated as safe, colorless, odorless and free of residue.
As a shareholder of "water", a gift of nature, "AQUANAX" provides good products and images.

Thank you.

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